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014 | Day One Hundred and Twenty - Where & Who? | Voice Post  
04:03pm 22/10/2008
Harold "Harry" Lockhart (OU)
Where was that piano again?

Oh, and who was it that responded to that last post of mine? Just curious... shoulda responded to it...

[Edited in after speaking with Urd | Screened to Leon | Mostly Hackable]

Leon? Urd mentioned you by name. She said to ask you about guns if I wanted one for, well you know, protection, now that the cuffs are gone. Ugh...

Anyway. Um, I guess, maybe a trade of some sort? Or something?

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013 | Day One Hundred and Sixteen - But I Got Better | Voice Post  
08:25pm 18/10/2008
Harold "Harry" Lockhart (OU)
I just have one choice word to say to all of that:

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012 | Day Ninety-Eight - Reflection? | Voice Post  
01:52pm 30/09/2008
Harold "Harry" Lockhart (OU)
'M surprised I wasn't forced to sing. I don't even have that bad of a singing voice. Seriously!

I have the feeling I missed something important... people keep talking about things. A meeting, a new arrival? What?

Heh. Oh well. Some detective I am.
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//Econtra Threads/Logs 02\\  
09:57pm 16/09/2008
Harold "Harry" Lockhart (OU)
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011 | Day Eighty-Three - The Witch's Familiar | Voice Post  
08:13pm 15/09/2008
Harold "Harry" Lockhart (OU)

((Harry is perfectly capable of speaking, he just isn't in the mood. He's a witch's familiar right now, specifically a green eyed black cat. His personality is intact, and as stated before he can still communicate through normal speech to anyone who'll listen.))
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010 | Day Sixty-Three - Attack of the Killer Tomatoes | Voice Post  
02:05pm 26/08/2008
Harold "Harry" Lockhart (OU)

[silence, immediately followed by odd noises, some banging, bashing, and thrashing of the flailing arms and legs kind]

MOTHER FUCKER!!! That was my leg! What the HELL is going on!? I like my vegetables on my plate NOT MOVING... not on my leg CHEWING me!

[more flailing and yelling]

Aarrgh again!
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009 | Day Forty-Nine - Some More Questions | Voice Post  
02:07pm 12/08/2008
Harold "Harry" Lockhart (OU)
Midna. Um. I'm going to the park today.


Urd? Do you remember me?
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008 | Day Forty-Three - The First Roommate Leaves | Voice Post  
11:08pm 06/08/2008
Harold "Harry" Lockhart (OU)
Hey, Harley.

...Have you seen Mikami lately?
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//Econtra Threads/Logs 01\\  
12:06am 02/08/2008
Harold "Harry" Lockhart (OU)
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007 | Day Thirty - The Magician is Interested in Magic | Voice Post  
05:31pm 24/07/2008
Harold "Harry" Lockhart (OU)
So, are there a lot of magic users here? How many? Would anyone be interested in showing me some demonstrations?

And I've talked to a few who've offered lessons to those residents that have nothing else going for them. That's what peeked my interest. I'd like to know as much as possible... who else is offering?

I mean--just anything. Info, demo, lessons... anything would be great.
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